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The world is a terrifying place, and it is getting scarier and scarier every single day.

Just turn on the evening news, and you will hear about another natural disaster, another abduction, another mass shooting.  And we are all living daily under the threat of international war – the only thing that changes is who the tyrant happens to be that day.

After extensive research and review, we have uncovered the very best urban survival guides, and you can find out about each of them, on this very site.

There are many urban survival guides reviewed on this site, some of them comprehensive, others more specialized or specific.  With so many options, where do you start?

You don’t have to go very far to answer that question – just keep on scrolling down this page to discover the three best comprehensive urban survival guides, in no particular order – so check out all three, plus the more specialized survival guides that follow.

Ultimate Survival Guide #1: Lamplighter Society Newsletter

Lamplighter Society NewsletterMany people are surprised when they see our  top pick for the best urban survival guide.

After all, the Lamplighter Society newsletter is, well, a newsletter. At least, that’s what most people think.

But in reality, it’s much more than that. The Lamplighter Society is an exclusive group of Patriots who are dedicated to the highest level of preparation. It is an online community with a “real-world” presence, where people can swap ideas and form alliances. It is without question the fastest growing group of survivalists anywhere.

And to top everything off, Lamplighter Society publishes a monthly newsletter, completely full of the most current survival tips and strategies, and even more importantly, current intel on global, national, and local situations that are brewing.

It is perhaps the most valuable of all of the Ultimate Urban Survival Guides, for the simple reason that it is being continuously updated and upgraded. It is as “real time” as a survival course gets!

But it gets even better – when you subscribe to the Lamplighter Society, you get instant access to a complete Survival Guide Library valued at $567.

To get details on the Lamplighter Society, just click right here.

At the end of either video, you will get a chance to learn about the Lamplighter Society, and how you can grab a $567 Survival Guide library for FREE when you join (but only if you hurry).

Lamplighter Society Complete Combo

The Complete Survival Guide Library – For Free. Click Here Now For All The Details

Ultimate Survival Guide #2: 40 Days and 40 Nights

40 Days and 40 Nights Urban Survival GuideThere is little doubt that one of the three best urban survival guides is 40 Days and 40 Nights – Urban Survival Course.

This course is comprehensive, and is specifically geared towards preparing YOU to survive for the first 40 days following a disaster.

This information could have and WOULD have saved thousands of lives after Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, and other countless disasters.

To get additional details on the 40 Days and 40 Nights urban survival course, watch the short, free video “How To Architect The Ultimate 40-Day Preparedness Plan” – where you will learn some key survival secrets, and also get details on 40 Days of Survival.

Click here now for all the details…

Ultimate Survival Guide #3: Gone Before Gridlock

Gone Before GridlockThe last of our three featured ultimate survival guide is perhaps the most important: Gone Before Gridlock.

Gone Before Gridlock is a survival course that teaches you how to escape any disaster in 5 steps, before the rest of the world even knows what is happening

In any disaster, there are 3 tiny windows where you can safely and secretly evacuate you and your family before the roads and bridges become a gridlocked parking lot.

The reason that Gone Before Gridlock is so important to you and your family, and why we have featured it on our list of the ultimate survival guides, is in many cases your ability to keep your ass alive is directly related to your ability to get out before the roads are blocked and its simply too late.

Unless you have the ability to be totally locked, loaded, on the road, and the hell out of Dodge within 28 minutes of spotting nearly invisible indicators that no one else but you can see…then you need to watch this video: Gone Before Gridlock.

Plus, in the video, you get the exact equation to predict disaster quickly and easily.

Click here for all the details

Which of These Ultimate Survival Guides is Best For You?

As you weigh and measure all three of these comprehensive urban survival guides, keep something in mind: They are each unique. They were each selected for this list of the best survival guides for DIFFERENT reasons.

Each of them has crucial information that you need to know backwards and forwards to keep your family safe, protected, and alive, no matter what this world throws at you.

Any one of these survival courses is an excellent choice, and you should consider each of them carefully.

But it’s really not a question of which one should you get…it’s a matter of which one should you get FIRST.

Here is one more link for each to help you choose.

Click here for details on the Lamplighter Society

Click here for details on 40 Days and 40 Nights

Click here for details on Gone Before Gridlock

But that’s not all that that The Ultimate Survival Guide has to offer. In fact, that’s really just the beginning.

There is a legion of more specialized survival guides, courses, and reports, all thoroughly reviewed by our private intel team before passing along our recommendations.

You will find many of these on this site. Here are a few choice samples:

The Rest Of The Best Urban Survival Guides:

Survive In Place

Survive In Place Survival Guide

The cold hard truth is that if you happen to be in an urban or suburban area when disaster strikes, gridlock will be in full force before you have the chance to bug out.

As so many have discovered the hard way, you need to be prepared to survive in place…because in an emergency, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be on your own for a very, very long time.

Knowing this, you need to be prepared to keep yourself and your family safe and protected right where you are, and for the long haul. Because the truth is, “bugging out” isn’t always an option.

Surviving where you are, right now, is the sole focus of Survive In Place.

To get more intel on this survival course, watch the new survival video:         The Secrets of Surviving Urban Disasters

I don’t know how much longer this video will be up, so watch it now.

Click here for all the details…

Fastest Way to Prepare

Fastest Way To Prepare Survival GuideOne of the most common excuses that we hear from people about why they are not prepared for emergencies or disasters is that it’s just “too hard” and “takes too long” to prepare.

Well, as you learn about in the Fastest Way to Prepare video, this course completely eliminates that B.S. excuse.

This course is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only – pushing you to a reasonable level of preparedness ASAP. After watching the video, you’ll realize just how quickly and easily you can be prepared to survive virtually ANY disaster.

For more deep intel on this survival guide, watch the following video: Fastest Way To Prepare

This is really an eye-opening video – one that I guarantee will motivate you to get off of your ass and get your survival plan in place.

Click here for all the gory details…


Five Flags

Five Flags Survival Guide - The "Obama Hedge"Sometimes, ensuring your survival requires drastic measures – drastic as in changing your homeland. Literally.

It is an established fact that since Obama bought/stole his second election, the nation’s financial elite (i.e. the wealthy class which, like it or not, supports this country) are leaving in droves.

They are finding new countries to call home – countries that are friendlier to their desired level of freedom and lifestyle.

As Obama continues to erode our freedoms here in the good ol’ USA, it is important to start making contingency plans.

The problem that most people have is they have no idea where to start, and they don’t believe that they have the resources to make a jump like this possible.

That is where Five Flags comes into play.  The Five Flags video has been called “Controversial”, “Dangerous”, and “Revolutionary”.

As you will learn about in this video, Five Flags shows you exactly what you need to do in order to set yourself up with a safe haven should the need arise.

You learn about key, fundamental strategies such as:

  • How to establish dual-citizenship
  • How to LEGALLY hold passports in new names
  • How to protect your assets from greedy government bureaucrats.

Just to name a few. I strongly urge you to take just 15 minutes to watch this video:  The NEW Five Flags

In today’s increasingly uncertain and dangerous world, covering ALL of your bases is more important than ever.

Click here to see what all the fuss is about…


Your road to emergency and survival preparedness is long, and in truth, it never ends.

We believe that you can NEVER be TOO prepared. That is why we created this site – focused solely on the very best urban survival guides.

We built this whole site because we believe it is THAT important. So take the time to review each of the videos that we linked to on this site.

And take action in your preparation. After all, when disaster strikes, its too late to prepare. You need to already be ready.


Jack Keaton

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