The Bushmaster Bible – An Exclusive Review

Everyone’s worst nightmare – complete and total societal breakdown. Street warfare. Anarchy.

This is not just the fodder for the latest Hollywood blockbuster – societal breakdown and anarchy are real life events, happening in countries across the globe.

And the results are predictable – looting, rape, murder…death and destruction.

And guess what – it has happened in this very country. Time and time again.  Remember Hurricane Sandy. Remember Katrina. Remember the Texas Heatwave in the 80′s.

The fact is that when all hell breaks loose, the safest place to be is really not in your “bunker”, but is in the great American outdoors.

And that’s where the Bushmaster Bible comes into play.

The Bushmaster Bible Review – What Is It?

The Bushmaster BibleThe Bushmaster Bible is what I like to call a “non-urban” survival guide. Most survival guides available today focus entirely on surviving in an urban setting – with the idea being that when the shit hits the fan, its time to hunker down.

The Bushmaster Bible says that a big steaming pile of bullpuckey.  The Bible (as it’s referred to by many survivalists – including yours truly). Instead, it teaches that the safest place to be is away from “civilization”.
And it teaches you how to get there (and “there” is much closer than you might think).

Long story short – the Bushmaster Bible is a survival guide that teaches you what to do, and how to do it, if you had to leave your home and flee into the wilderness to keep your family safe.

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 The Bushmaster Bible – What Do You Get?

The Bushmaster Bible is not just a “survival guide”, but a full-blown wilderness survival course, which comes complete with 7 in-depth training modules:

Module 1: Bushmaster Mindset – Mental Secrets of Wilderness Survival – how to properly train your mind so that you don’t “freak out” and put yourself and your loved ones in a worse position than they are already in.

Module 2: Survival Packs – Gearing Up for the Great Outdoors – What you need and what you can leave behind

Module 3: Shelter Master – How To Stay Protected In Any Environment – Shelter is the key to survival in the Wilderness – in this module you learn about the three scientific principles that you can use in your shelter to stay warm and keep cool in extreme temperatures, etc.

Module 4: Hydrated, Healthy, and Alive – What you need to know about water.  How you can harness the power of the sun to produce water out of thin air, signs of hidden water sources, etc.

The Bushmaster BibleModule 5: Master Trapper Blueprint – Unlimited Survival Sustenance. How to feed yourself and your family in the wilderness, even if you brought no food with you. This one is all about trapping and catching food.

Module 6: Fire Whisperer – The Ultimate Guide to Fire Mastery – Building a roaring fire is probably the most important survival skill you can have. It keeps you warm, gives light, keeps bugs away, cooks your food, and can even be a weapon.

Module 7: Lost Proofing – Secrets of a Tracking Expert – how to not get your sorry ass lost in the wilderness.

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The Bushmaster Bible Review – Now What?

As you have read, we are very high on the Bushmaster Bible.  We too believe that often times the safest place to be when all hell breaks loose is away from everybody else!

But only if you know what you are doing so you don’t just end up trading in a quick death for a slow, painful one.

The Bushmaster Bible is the answer to this riddle. It is the best – and the most important – wilderness survival course that we have found.

And what’s more – its dirt cheap!

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The Prepper’s Playbook – An Exclusive Review

The Prepper's Playbook Review

The Prepper’s Playbook

Do you know what’s missing from your Survival plan?  Chances are, you’ll find it in the Prepper’s Playbook.

This is a compact, ultra-efficient 49-page urban survival guide that lays out everything you need to be fully prepared, and nothing more.

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What Is The Prepper’s Playbook?

The Prepper’s Playbook is the answer to all of the bloated “survival guides” on the market.

It takes everything that you need to know, do, and have to be fully prepared for virtually any disaster, filters out all of the fluff and nonsense…

…and what you are left with is 49 pages of hard-hitting survival gold, distilled of all the garbage, leaving just the essence of survival knowledge.

After reading the The Prepper’s Playbook, you will have all the knowledge that you need to be self reliant, without having to dig through all the filler and garbage you get in many other urban survival guides.

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What Makes The Prepper’s Playbook Different?

There are tons of survival guides on the market. Most are as full of as much content as their authors can cram into them – some of it is useful info, and some is just space fillers and time wasters.

The Prepper's Playbook Review

The Prepper’s Playbook – Click Here For All The Details

They load up the books and courses with as much junk as they can to make them as BIG as they can…because they know that you are going to pay more money for a bigger, longer book or course whether or not the extra info is worth a damn.

The Prepper’s Playbook takes a completely different approach.  All of that extra garbage was drained out of this urban survival guide, condensing what could easily be a 300 or 400 page novel into just 49 pages.

And the best part is, instead of costing $47+ like most urban survival, guides, the Prepper’s Playbook is just $7 (if you hurry…)

So basically, you get all of the crap that is normally infesting many urban survival guides weeded out, leaving just the info that you really need to know…and you pay about 1/7 of the price of a normal survival guide.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

What Is Inside Of The Preppers Playbook?

Despite being just 49 pages, and costing just $7, the Prepper’s Playbook is packed full of useful, life saving info…all of which can be absorbed in as little as a half hour or so.

I can’t possibly outline everything that you will find in the Prepper’s Playbook in this short review, but here are some of the highlights:

  • How to guarantee that your basic needs for food, water, shelter, and warmth are covered – even if you’re just getting started
  • Exactly what you need to have in order to not just survive but to thrive in the three basic kinds of survival scenarios
  • Pitfalls and traps that even advanced preppers fall for…and how you can avoid them
  • What you need for real safety and security – including a checklist of the most important items in your household that must be secured immediately
  • How to spot troublemakers from a mile away and avoid or diffuse dangerous situations

…just to name a few! Click here for all the details

What Will The Prepper’s Playbook Do For Me?

This Prepper’s Playbook Review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t point out all of the advantages that you will enjoy once you have studied the life-saving info in this urban survival guide.


…knowing exactly what to buy so that you avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on useless items…

…feeling like you’ve cracked the code on prepping so that you can have full and complete confidence in your systems and skills…

…ending the anxiety about being caught unprepared, so that you can start enjoying your life again, knowing that you are fully ready for just about anything…

…and now imagine that all that piece of mind costs just $7.

Simply put, the Prepper’s Playbook is the absolute most cost-effective survival guide on the market.

Pound for pound, it just might be the Ultimate Survival Guide.

Click here to visit the official site, and to claim your copy for just $7 before the price goes back up.

Prepper’s Playbook Review – Final Thoughts

The Prepper's Playbook Review

The Prepper’s Playbook – Click Here For All The Details

I love the Prepper’s Playbook for many reasons, but above all else, I love this urban survival guide because it is incredibly efficient.

I love efficiency. I hate inefficiency. Because the Prepper’s Playbook is packed full of what you really need to know and NOTHING else, it might be the most efficient urban survival guide that money can buy.

And speaking of money, it is also incredibly COST efficient.  At just over 14 cents a page, you won’t find a more cost efficient survival course on the market.

The Prepper’s Playbook is an excellent way to get started if you are new to the survival game, or a cheap way to double check yourself and your level of preparedness.

I don’t know how long the price will be just $7 – it may have gone back up already – but hurry and click the link below to claim your copy.



Jack Keaton

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